Motherwort warm paste

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Fast temperature rise, rapid temperature rise; persistent heat, lasting 8-12 hours; high temperature, average temperature is about 52 °

130 * 165mm * 10 stickers / box

Validity: three years

The main ingredients:

Iron powder, activated carbon, water, mineral salts, motherwort essential oil, etc.


  1. Rip open the packaging bag and remove the Motherwort Palace Cold Patch. 2. Rip open the front paper film. 3. Flatten the sticky care package directly with the outer palm of the underwear (do not stick it on the skin). Afterwards, if you get up or walk around, press the Gong Han paste again through the clothes to make it stick more firmly, and it is not easy to slip off due to sports.

Scope of application

Abdomen, stomach, waist, uterus, etc.

Product Taboo

  1. Banned for pregnant women and infants
  2. Skin disease, diabetes, high fever patients, those who cannot take care of themselves with caution


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