Japanese origin IKEDAYA teen student correction hump invisible beauty device for children

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Composition: Nylon, Natural Rubber

Size: M (3-10 years old), L (9-13 years old)

Function: Correct children’s bad posture

Country of origin: Japan

Solving four problems for children

Give your child a good future

Correct bad posture

By changing the sitting and exercise habits, assist the normal spine development and make children grow taller and healthier

Improve eye distance

Improving the habit of using eyes at short distances, and maintaining reasonable eyes

Habits, reduce visual fatigue, prevent myopia

Relieve body fatigue

Allows the body, shoulders, back, waist, and abdomen to be uniformly stressed to maintain the body’s natural uprightness and relieve muscle fatigue caused by poor posture

Improve the image of temperament and develop the good habit of raising your chest and chest, which will help to improve your image and promote youth

Healthy growth and development of juvenile bones



Suitable age

3-10 years 9-9 years

Suitable waist

54CM-70CM 65CM-82CM


Adjust the waist elasticity and attach the Velcro


Cross the two straps around the shoulders and cross behind


Tighten the straps into place

Just stick it on the waist Velcro


The first week of adaptation, it should not be too tight, let the child get used to it first

Adjustment period in the second week, you can increase the intensity appropriately to ensure correct posture

The maintenance period begins in the third week.


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